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Coffee Shop Performances: These are for students who are Level 2 and above. Students will choose multiple songs to perform. They will take place at 1 p.m. at Raan Coffee several Saturdays throughout the year.

RibbonFest: This is a great opportunity for students of every level to participate. There are several categories to participate in: solo (playing a solo piece), scales, chords, arpeggios, hymns, and duets. I would love for as many students as possible to participate in the RibbonFest!

Sonatina-BachFest: This is a great opportunity for more advanced students to play a piece and get quick feedback from an adjudicator. Each student will memorize and play a sonatina, sonata or Bach piece and play a Technique Level for a skills assessment. It's also the same day/location as the RibbonFest.

Studio Nights with Pitkin Cox Studio: We are doing two combined recitals with another teacher in town this year! Some of you may remember the Disney Recital we did last year with Carissa Pitkin Cox's piano students. We will be joining them again this year! The first recital with them will be on November 3rd. These are great performance opportunities for students of all levels!

Jazz Group Class Jam Nights: This year I started some middle school and high school group classes. We will be bringing in a drummer and bass player once a month to jam with the students. Middle school and high school students who aren't in the group classes, but would like to attend the jam classes, can do so with a small drop-in fee. 


Christmas Music at a Nursing Home: We will be bringing our Christmas recital to a nursing home again this year! This is a required performance for everyone. I haven't nailed down the exact date yet - but will get that to you soon! 

Piano MAP: This is a great opportunity for advanced students! They will prepare two memorized songs to play for an adjudicator and receive feedback. I would love for as many of the advanced students to participate in this as possible. 

Piano Olympics: We will be combining with the Pitkin-Cox Studio again for this activity! It will be a super fun competition involving technique and theory. More details coming - but make sure your students are practicing their technique really well this year :) I would love for as many students as possible to participate in this!

End of Year Recital: The last hurrah of the school year! Everyone will play at this recital and it will be a great way to look at the wonderful progress everyone has made this year. 

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