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Stephanie Steele Quintet

The Stephanie Steele Quintet packs a punch. Whether they’re playing a spiced-up version of your old favorite jazz standard or an original tune (that’s about to become your favorite) you’re gonna be tapping your foot, nodding your head, and clapping your hands for their entire set list (don’t forget to warm up beforehand my friends).


And the best part is – they’re all local. Local school teachers, local private teachers, and local students. Music written and played right here in the Columbia Basin for YOU. So forget that drive to Seattle and hang out in your own backyard – we’re bringing the good jazz to you 😊


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Stephanie Steele Quintet-26.jpg
Stephanie Steele Quintet-57.jpg
03 Major Scales-Circle of 5ths
02 Five-Finger Scales
01 Half Steps-Whole Steps
Shark Bait - Sax Solo
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