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Piano Keys

Registration Process

Step-by-step Instructions

The button above will take you to a video that walks you step by step through the registration process. Here are the written steps. 


  1. Open link to the registration page or head to and hover over the “Lessons” tab and click on “Lesson Registration”

   2. Enter the password “pianorocks”

   3. You’ll see two options –

         a) Middle School Group Jazz Piano 

         b) High School Group Jazz Piano       


   5. Click on “Book Now” under the lesson option you would like. 

   6. A page with a calendar will open up. Click on Monday, September 11. This is the first day of class. If your child is doing the Middle School Group Class, there will be an option for a 5:30pm or 6:30pm class on Mondays. You can choose which class - ideally they will attend the same time throughout the school year. The High School class will be held on Mondays at 7:30pm.  

   7. Click "Next." This next page will have some information for you to fill out.

   8. Click "Choose a Plan." You'll see two option. If your child is only signing up for Group Jazz Piano - the price is $90 a month. If your child will also be taking private lessons with me during the fall, there is a discount, and Group Jazz Piano is only $70 a month . Click on "Start Free Trial" (this is set up so that you won't get charged yet). 

   9. You will need to sign up for an account – or if you already did summer lessons, sign in to the account you already created.

   10. You’ll need to enter the payment information.

   11. ***** IMPORTANT STEP*****

On the right side of the page, see where it says “Choose a Start Date” and it will have a date listed underneath it. Click on the little calendar icon and choose SEPTEMBER 1st. This will make it so you have automatic recurring payments at the beginning of every month – and you will not be charged until September. 

-Desktop View-

Screenshot 2023-07-10 at 1.26.39 PM.png

-Mobile View-


12. You'll see a screen that says "Thank You for Your Order." Click on the button that says "Complete Your Order."

13. It asks you again for the information in Step 7, you can just write "See Previous Response" or "Ditto"

14. Click on "Book Now," and it should take you to the final screen! ***The subtotal should be $0. If it does not say $0, check to make sure you did Step 11 correctly. ***

15. If you are registering two kids for Group Lessons, you can click on "Book More Lessons" to register the other child. 

16. If you are doing Middle School Group Lessons and realize later that you need to change your lesson time, you can do so through your account. Go to and click on “My Account” under the “Lessons” tab – or go to this link.

17. Once you see your account, click on “My Booked Lessons.” You should be able to see the lesson times you have already chosen. Find the one you want to change, click on the drop-down arrow on the right hand side, and there is an option for “reschedule” or “cancel.” If you click on “Reschedule,” it will take you back to the calendar page where you can a new lesson time.


Let me know if you have any questions! I’m so excited for lessons to start back up!

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